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The island of the sun
The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily is itself a continent. A land rich in history and culture, a unique place full of art, archaeology, folklore and breathtaking scenery. Enticing cities of art, Mediterranean villages, beautiful beaches and islands. The island has been a crossroads for different populations, who have all left permanent traces of themselves. Sicilian archeological legacy is immense, Phoenician settlements, Punic cities, Greek temples, Roman amphitheatres, Norman Arab castles and Aragonese churches.
Sicily, the island of the sun, has beautiful beaches, and the Europe's greatest volcano, Mount Etna. The coasts are gold colured with orange and lemon orchards, Interior Sicily, like its coastline, boasts its share of imposing mountains, rolling hills, vineyards, ancient olive groves, endless wheat fields, palm trees, wild flowers set against greenest fields...
Because of its triangular shape, the ancient Greek name for Sicily was Trinacria (three cornered). Later in medieval times the island was divided into three departments (Val Demone, Val di Noto and Val di Mazara).

Sicily coast

Sicily stock photographs

Sicilian archaeological legacy is immense. Appreciate the unique culture that Phoenicians, Romans, Normans, Greeks and Arabs left behind. Outstanding are Agrigento with its fantastic Valley of Temples, Selinunte, Syracuse, Segesta, Tindari, Mozia, only to mention the most famous.

Sicily Stock pictures

Sicily archaeological sites

Art and Architecture- Through the centuries, Sicily has been ruled by the Greeks, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Swabians and Spanish, who all left beautiful architecture examples. architectural treasures reported to be among the world's best preserved. Thirty centuries of history expressed in the Classical, the Romanesque, the Gothic, the Baroque. Sicilian ancient Greek-Roman architectural remains are amongst the finest of all antiquity worldwide; Arabic-Norman architecture like Monreale impressive cathedral; imposing Baroque monuments and buildings; beautiful churches with their amazing interiors covered in Byzantine mosaics.

Arabic-Norman architecture in Sicily

Sicily stock photographs

Monuments, Palaces Castles and Villas- Across Sicily are imposing symbols of wealth, providing artistic and architectural examples. Among two hundred castles and medieval Fortresses in Sicily, built by the Normans, Swabians and noble families, some beautiful example are the Ursino Castle in Catania, the Norman Castle of Aci Castello, the Swabian Lombardia Castle in Enna, the Sperlinga castle standing on a rocky crag of the Nebrodi.

Sicily Stock pictures

Castles in Sicily

Countryside and Natural Landscape- The Nebrodi and Madonie mountain ranges are the last offshoots of the Italian continental Apennines; all around there is a ferment of hills that end where the sea begins. Farms, bagli, noblemen's country residences and Baroque or Liberty-style villas are hidden among "enclosures" of ancient olive groves, the Etna Volcano Park, the Alcantara Gorges. Gorges strewn with thousands of rock tombs dating to the 13th century B.C. 

Sicilian countryside

Sicily stock photographs

The beaches, the sea and the islands in Sicily- Along the 1,000 km-long coastline there are tremendous and varied sea landscapes, rocky cliffs along the wildflower-strewn Mediterranean, archaeological and historical sites, a precious geographical diversity. The Simeto riverís mouth, Aci Castello Acitrezza picturesque fishing villages with dramatic sea views of faraglioni, the Zingaro Nature Reserve, combining unique sea, flora and fauna, the Salt Marshes of Stagnone Reserve, Cefalý nestled down the slopes of a limestone promontory, Tindari overlooking the close Aeolian Islands, the splendid Giardini Naxos overlooking Taormina. Sicily comprises also a number of satellite islands - Lampedusa - Linosa with a unique landscape of volcanic origin.

Sicily Stock pictures

The sea and the islands in Sicily

Sicily Nature Parks and Reserves- Sicily maintains numerous nature reserves and green areas scattered throughout the region. 
The Etna Park, the beautiful Vendicari nature reserve, the Alcantara river Stagnone Reserve Zingaro Nature Reserve.

Sicily Nature Parks and Reserves

Sicily stock photographs

Popular Traditions- Sicily is not just a land of myths, history, and nature. Another itinerary of knowledge passes through popular religious festivities like the Festa of SantíAgata at Catania, and the holy week celebrations of Enna.

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