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Baroque (15 photos)
general coverage

Vernacular architecture (156 photos)
Some fine examples in Europe, Middle-East, South America

Church enclosures of Brittany (49 photos)

Bulgarian Monasteries (196 photos)
Rila, Rozhen, Bachkovo, Preobrazhenie

Bulgarian Revival Period (65 photos)
Vernacular architecture of small towns and mountain villages

Churches (949 photos)
General coverage

Byzantine architecture (157 photos)
Beautiful churches of Costantinopoli, Bulgaria

French colonial architecture in S-E Asia (70 photos)
Cambodia, Luang Prabang, Pondicherry

Ortodox Monasteries of Crete (76 photos)
Between Byzantium and Venice

Gothic architecture (132 photos)
Cathedrals and churches in Italy and Europe

Shrines and popular piety (6 photos)
General coverage

Romanesque architecture (249 photos)
Churches, monasteries in Italy and Europe

Lombard Gothic Architecture (36 photos)
From Cistercian abbeys to XV century

Incan Architecture (93 photos)
The Incan architectural legacy of Cusco, Urubamba valley, Machu Picchu.

Convent of Santa Catalina, Arequipa (170 photos)
The most important religious monument in Peru

Colonial architecture (293 photos)
Colonial architecture in Central and South America

Il manuelino Portoghese (113 photos)
caratteristico per l'esuberanza dei motiivi ornamentali

Byzantine churches in Sicily (21 photos)
Cuba di Malavagna, Itala Marina, TinitÓ di Delia

Baroque of the Val di Noto (215 photos)
Late Baroque Towns of the Val di Noto (South-Eastern Sicily)

Ancient Greek architecture (92 photos)
Ancient Greek ruins in Sicily

Norman architecture in Sicily (193 photos)
Norman period in Sicily (circa 1070 until about 1200) - Cattedrale di Catania, cattedrale di Cefal¨, cattedrale di Palermo, San Cataldo (Palermo), Martorana (Palermo), S Giovanni degli Eremiti (Palermo), Monreale,

Ancient Roman architecture (237 photos)
Beautiful remains in Mediterranean area

Rock-Hewn Churches of G÷reme valley (148 photos)
Turkey - Byzantine art and cave dwellings

Deyrul Zafaran Monastery (17 photos)

Church of the Holy Cross (38 photos)
Akdamar island - Turkey

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