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Megalithic Archaeological Sites (52 photos)
Sardinia, France

Thracian Tomb of Kazanluk (7 photos)
Perfectly preserved murals, unique testimony of the Hellenic period

Angkor (1637 photos)
Temple ruins immersed in the jungle

Ancient Crete (115 photos)
Minoan palaces, Gortis, Lato, …

Archaeological Museums of Crete (141 photos)
Hania, Iraklion

The Deer Park, Sarnath (30 photos)
India - the Buddha first preaching place

Ancient Orissan Buddhist sites (331 photos)
Udayagiri Ratnagiri Lalitgiri Dhauli - Orissa

Ancient Orissan Jain caves (190 photos)
Udaigiri and Khandagiri near Bhubaneswar - Orissa

Nuraghe (33 photos)
Sardinia - Italy

Prambanan (287 photos)
Hindu Javanese Architecture

Candi Panataran (237 photos)
Hindu Javanese Architecture

Candi Cetho (50 photos)
Hindu Javanese Architecture

Borobudur (672 photos)
The great Buddhist stupa

Petra (347 photos)
the ancient Nabataean city

Villa Adriana (117 photos)
The magnificent ruins of ancient roman architecture

La necropoli di Chellah - Marocco (39 photos)
Antica città romana di Sala Colonia e antico cimitero Merinide del XIII-XIV secolo

Maya Ruins (683 photos)
Chichen Itzà, Uxmal, Palenque, Tikal

Bagan (1170 photos)
More than 3000 Buddhist temples

Inwa (162 photos)
The ancient capital of Myanmar

Machu Picchu (70 photos)
Machupicchu and Inca ruins on the Inca Trail

Cusco and Urubamba valley Peru (189 photos)
Inca ruins of Cusco and the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Conimbriga (19 photos)
Ancient Roman town

Ancient Greek architecture (111 photos)
Ancient Greek ruins in Sicily

Archaeological Parks (283 photos)
Archaeological Parks of Agrigento, Selinunte, Segesta, …

Necropolis of Sicily (95 photos)
Pantalica, Ispica

Archaeological Museums (259 photos)
Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Mexico

Baelo Claudia (7 photos)
Ancient Roman town

The ruins of Polonnaruwa (295 photos)
Ancient Sinhalese art and architecture

Dougga (73 photos)
Ancient Roman town

El Jem (17 photos)
Roman amphiteatre - Tunisia

Ancient Roman architecture (242 photos)
Beautiful remains in Mediterranean area

Anatolian Archaeological Sites (63 photos)
Turkey - Catalhoyuk, Harran, …

Nemrut Dag - Turkey (96 photos)
The mausoleum of Antiochus - Hellenistic period

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