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Farms and rural scenes (136 photos)
General Coverage

Mediterranean vegetation (103 photos)

Gardens & Parks (232 photos)
General coverage

Miscellaneous Flora and Vegetation (411 photos)
Flowers, treees, vegetation general coverage

Grassland and Meadows (22 photos)

Waterfalls (15 photos)

Moorlands (10 photos)

Gorges & Canyons (69 photos)

Cloud and sky (7 photos)

Alpine vegetation (159 photos)

Rocky landscapes (115 photos)

Birds (60 photos)
A small collections of birds taken around

Caves (32 photos)

Rice fields (292 photos)
Bali Sulawesi Java

Caribbean shoreline (68 photos)
Caye Caulker - Belize

Tonlé Sap flooded forest (48 photos)
Cambodian inundated forest is home of one of the largest bird colonies in Asia

Lakes & Rivers (235 photos)
General Coverage

Kerala Backwaters (85 photos)
Kumarakom, a small village immersed in the backwaters south of Kochi

Nature Reserves (67 photos)
India, Nepal, Sri Lanka

Great Lakes of Northern Italy (83 photos)
Como lake, Maggiore lake, Garda, Iseo

Oases (14 photos)

Glaciers (23 photos)
Ghiacciai artici e ghiacciai alpini

Cloud Forest (49 photos)

Rain Forest of Manu Reserve, Peru (77 photos)
One of the best-preserved areas of rainforest in the world

Andean Rural scenes (42 photos)

Scenery of Sicily (48 photos)

Cappadocia Fairy chimneys (374 photos)

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