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Stock Photography - Digital Images Specification

We supply only with digital image files.

Our images do not necessarily require further post-processing and can be used as provided. 
We scan low contrast originals at scanner max optical resolution and never by the interpolated resolution.
We rigorously edit our images. All the scans are scrutinised in detail to ensure that there are no flaws or technical imperfections.
Our images are not sharpened. This is so you and your printer can decide for yourself how much you wish to sharpen the images.

Colour Workspace
Images are submitted as RGB files.
Originating and archiving files in a RGB colour workspace means the fuller gamut remains available for any subsequent conversion to CMYK. 
The preferred Colour Workspace is Adobe RGB (1998).

Supply of CMYK files is strongly not recommended, for various reasons. Images are originated in in RGB workspace and conversion to CMYK files must be prepared specifically to match specific output conditions. Moreover reconverting CMYK files to a new CMYK purpose could result in colour degradation, and should be undertaken with care.
The supply of a 'targeted' CMYK file presupposes that the supplier and recipient are both fully aware of the requirements of the used prepress.
Such files should be supplied with an ICC colour profile specific to the purpose, which means that the customer will need to provide the photographer with either an ICC profile of their press process (ICC color profile of the printer) or sufficient information relating to dot gain, ink set-up, GCR/UCR and USM, to enable an accurate targeted conversion to be made.

Hard Copy

If requested we can submit, at additional cost, hard copy of the image file. This allow to avoid misunderstanding between parties. In that case a photographic print is provided. This is not a proof. If the Client requires a CMYK proof then there are numerous options available from Iris prints to Cromalin.

Submission Media: Internet Download
A lossless compression for downloaded files is recommended (Tiff LZW, Zip file). Different compression method (Jpeg, Jpeg2000, Png) to be used shall be agreed with the customer. 

Submission Media: CD-ROM
The medium for submission is CD-ROM (not CD-Rewritable). No compression is applied to files supplied.
The disc intended for cross platform use is written to ISO 9660 format as a closed single session.

A 'Read Me' file is included which establishes ownership of the material, contact and transaction details, any relevant details as to layout of the files on the disc, any important technical information, such as Colour Workspace used, amount of USM, if applied etc.

Please refer to our reproduction chart to determine the print size you can get with the various resolution we offer.

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