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The Grand Palace  (135 photos)
the Wat Phra Keo, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

the Ramakien Gallery  (196 photos)
the Thai national epic version of the Indian Ramayana.

Wat Pho (169 photos)
the temple of the Reclining Buddha.

The Wat Arun (202 photos)
the Temple of Dawn, with its 67 metres enormous Khmer style prang rising from the river

Floating Market (141 photos)
the traditional Thai life on the canals - Phra Pathom Chedi the nation's largest pagoda

Sukhothai (142 photos)
old Sukhothai declared an historic park by UNESCO

Ayutthaya (219 photos)
The ancient capital of Siam

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai (73 photos)
Thailand's second largest city.

Wat Phra Singh  (125 photos)
stellar examples of northern Lan-na architecture.

Wat Chedi Luang  (96 photos)
The huge ruined chedi which gives to the temple its name (royal pagoda)

Wat Phan Tao (47 photos)
most beautiful teak vihaan of Chiang Mai with the front gable decorated with a peacock standing over a sleeping dog.

Bhubing gardens (39 photos)
winter palace for the royal family surrounded by gardens that are open to the public.

Wat Doi Suthep (123 photos)
The Temple of the Sacred Buddha's Relic Doi Suthep, situated at the top of one of the mountain peaks of Doi Suthep.

Northern Thailand

The White Temple  (54 photos)
Unconventional Buddhist temple the brainchild of contemporary Thai artist.

the Golden Triangle (30 photos)
villages of hill-tribes of Northern Thailand - the Golden Triangle, here the Ruak River flows into the Mekong creating the natural border between Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.

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Bangkok Ratanakosin Island, Wat Po, the temple of the Reclining Buddha , Wat Phra Keo, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn , Saduak Floating Market
Ayutthaya - Wat Phra Ram (Temple of Rama) - Wat Phra Si Sanpet - Wat Ratchaburana - Wat Phra Mahathat - Wat Chaiwatthanaram - Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon
Sukhothai UNESCO historic park - Wat Traphang Thong - Wat Mahathat - Wat Traphang Ngoen - Wat Sa Si - Wat Chana Songkhram - Wat Si Sawai - Wat Sorasak - Wat Si Chum - Wat Phra Pai Luang - Wat Saphan Hin
Chiang Mai - Wat Phra Singh - Wat Chedi Luang - Wat Phan Tao - Wat Doi Suthep - Phra Tamnak Phu Phing gardens
The White Temple (Chiang Rai) and the Golden Triangle villages of hill-tribes of Northern Thailand

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