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Makassar (38 photos)
Sea front Hotel and travel to Rantepao, Pare Pare, Hills of Henrekang

Tana Toraja

Bori Pariding (123 photos)
Traditional torajan funeral ceremony

Pallawa (96 photos)
maybe the most interesting compound of traditional houses.

Batutumonga (118 photos)
Batutumonga occupies a dramatic ridge on the slopes of Gunung Sesean, with panoramic views of Rantepao and cascading rice terraces.

Makale (104 photos)
Visiting the main market day.

Suaya (25 photos)
ancient hanging graves, tau tau and some baby graves in nearby trees.

Londa (45 photos)
Various traditional torajan burials at the foot of a shear rock wall.

Ke'te Kesu (71 photos)
a compound of houses and granaries and a burial place.

Rantepao (7 photos)

Online search for travel stock photo images of Indonesia Sulawesi Island, photos of Tana Totaja Traditional architecture. Menhirs on ceremonial grounds. The Tongkonan House and Burials. The elaborate and expensive funeral event. The rice-fields and grazing grounds for water buffalo and pigs. The bamboo forest. Rantepao, Batutumonga, Pallawa, Makale, Tampangallo, Londa, Ke'te Kesu, the mountain range of Enrekang. Makassar. UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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