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Balinese painting (105 photos)
Wayang style of Bale Kambang and Kerta Gosa

Traditional Balinese Architecture (217 photos)
Floating Pavilion, Kerta Gosa complex, Tirtagangga palace

Balinese Hindu temples (1285 photos)

Hotels (146 photos)
General coverage in South East Asia

Cambodian Wat (82 photos)
Buddhist Pagodas in Cambodia

Ladakhi houses (92 photos)
Traditional architecture, palaces, chortens, mani cairns…

Temples of Khajuraho (337 photos)
Beautiful examples of Indian Nagara style temples

Ancient astronomical observatory (11 photos)
Varanasi India - an old palace converted into an observatory in 1710

Indian Art (156 photos)
Sculptures and paintings form museums in India

Tibetan Gompas (504 photos)
Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in India, Ladakh and Nepal

Hindu Temples (383 photos)
North Indian Nagara style, Amritsar Golden Temple,…

Pattachitra Murals (237 photos)
Orissa Mural Paintings

Orissa Hirapur Yoginis Temple (167 photos)
The mysterious Sixtyfour Yoginis Temple

Konarak Sun Temple (580 photos)
Orissan hindu architecture

Bhubaneswar the temple town (562 photos)
Orissan hindu architecture

Buddhist Stupas (243 photos)
Chorten Stupas and Caityas

The Great Chola Temples (708 photos)
Tamil Nadu

Mamallapuram (203 photos)
Rock cut archtecture from the Pallava period

Old royal palaces (50 photos)
Tamil Nadu

Lao Architecture (383 photos)
The ‘sim’, the ‘that’

Decorations of the Lao Sim (210 photos)
Wat Xieng Thong, Wat Mai, …

Pak-Ou Buddha Caves (43 photos)
A pilgrimage site for Buddhists containg thousands of Buddha statues.

Sculptures of the Buddha Park Vientiane, Laos (59 photos)
Hundreds of weird sculptures of Buddha, Hindu Gods & mythological creatures

Shwe Yaunghwe Monastery (69 photos)
A unique Bhuddist monastery with walls decorated by glass mosaics

Kakku (184 photos)
The forest of Pagodas left hidden for centuries

Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda (98 photos)
The Golden Rock

Pindaya Cave (210 photos)
A limestone cavern filled with thousands of gilded buddha statues

Royal Palace of Mandalay (42 photos)
the last example of the long tradition of royal palaces found throughout Southeast Asia

Burmese zedi (597 photos)
Buddhist Pagodas in Myanmar

Burmese wooden architecture (342 photos)
Burmese unique teak architecture and wood-carving art

Newari pagoda temples (514 photos)
Beautiful architecture of the Kathmandu Valley

Newari sculptural art (479 photos)
Stone and wooden sculptures in Kathmanu valley

Buddhist Dagoba and Temples (327 photos)
Sri Lankan Buddhist Pagoda

Sinhalese cave paintings (403 photos)
Mulkirigala Aluvihara Dambulla cave temples

Architecture of Northern Thailand (286 photos)
Lanna Architecture of Chiag Mai, the White Temple

Ratanokosin architecture (277 photos)
The ‘Wat’, the ‘viharn’

Thai prang (162 photos)
The Angkorian style temple mountain

Thai chedi (266 photos)
The Thai stupa

Mural paintings of the Thai Wat (322 photos)
Ramakien Gallery of Wat Phra Keo, …

Buddhist Art (321 photos)
Buddha and Bodhisattva Statues, paintings

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