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 Town and villages of Haute Corse 1
 Town and villages of Haute Corse 2
 Coastal towers of Cap Corse
 San Michele de Murato
 The "Sentier du Douanier" Hiking Path
 Mediterranean Coast Gulf Orosei (Sardinia)
 Mediterranean vegetation (Sardinia)
 The beach of Portoferro (Sardinia)
 Scenic coast of Capocaccia (Sardinia)
 Saccargia Romanesque church (Sardinia)
 Mediterranean coast of Zingaro (Sicily)
 Cefalý (Sicily)
 Riviera dei Ciclopi (Sicily)
 Korkula Coastal village (Croatia)
 Alghero a coastal town (Sardinia)
 Scenic coast of Dugi Otok (Croatia)
 Stagnone of Marsala (Sicily)
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Photo Gallery Corsica and Corse Landscape
Corsica/Corse an introduction
The territory of Corsica (called by the Italian writer Italo Calvino "a ship full of mountains") is a continuous surprise for the traveller: coasts rich of Mediterranean flora, secluded and deserted beach of the finest sand, beautiful stretches of coast with rocks of marvellous colour, but also vertical landscapes, hidden lakes, high plateaux often covered with snow.
Endless variations of the landscape from deserts to forests, as well as the signs of the human culture from medieval Romanic churches to picturesque coastal villages or perched in the inland mountains.
Our Stock photographs gallery of Corsica allow you to explore some of the most beautiful places and scenery of this unique Mediterranean island.
Photos of Mediterranean most spectacular  beach and sea coastal scenarios, where the sea deeply penetrates the coast and  its rocks, eroded by the wind, rain and sea, with incredible shapes and colours.

Corsica, sea coast and beach 

Corsica beach stock photographs

Our Photo album cover fishing villages of Corsica and their architecture, images of street scenes, culture and lifestyle photographs incorporating buildings of  historical and cultural interest, monuments and memorials. 
Professional photography of  Mediterranean cities and villages with references to architecture and lifestyle as well as to the culture and history of ancient town and villages. 
A further theme deals with places of  tourist destinations, far away from mass tourism with images of idyllic beach, coastal scenery or lonely islands.

Corsica Stock pictures

Corsica, Mediterranean cities and villages

Corsica Photographs collection cover the nature and vegetation, you see pictures of beautiful Mediterranean vegetation wild flowers trees and shrubs.

Corsica, Mediterranean vegetation

Corsica stock photographs

Photographs of Mountain area of Corsica with forests and mountain villages in beautiful spots.

Corsica stock images

Corsica, the Mountain scenery

We have also photos of the Romanesque church of Murato, beautiful and unique example of the Pisan Romanesque architecture style. 

Corsica, Murato church

Corsica stock photographs

Outdoor Photos of trekking in Corsica, beautiful and rewarding  coastal walks and mountain treks.

Corsica stock images

Corsica, coastal footpaths

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