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Plaza de Armas (25 photos)
Cusco's ancient and modern centre, the Cathedral, Iglesias de la Compania de Jesus.

Inca Ruins (20 photos)
Korichanca, stone of twelve angles, the old imperial palace.

Streets of Cusco (45 photos)
The architectural blend of Inca and colonial elements together with the Spanish baroque churches gives to Cusco its special beauty.

Sacsayhuaman (71 photos)
The fortress-temple of Sacsahuaman, stonewalls ramparts made with enormous stones.

Puca Pucara ruins (11 photos)
The Inca 'red fort' overlooking the Cusco valley.

Tambo Machay (10 photos)
One of the more impressive Inca baths.

Qenco (16 photos)
Mysterious Inca shrine with the zigzagging gutter and an underground chamber for secret and hidden rites.

Handicraft and market (41 photos)
Craft and Artesania shops, Cusco Central Market.

People (25 photos)
Cusco every day life.

Cusco Region

Chinchero (59 photos)
Huge Incan walls of one of the most significant colonial church in the Cusco region. Handicrafts fair and indigenous Quechua life.

Paucartambo (74 photos)
Colonial village. Indigenous Quechua street life. Spanish old bridge. Pre Inca burial, Ninamarca chullpas.

Urubamba valley

Pisac (86 photos)
Impressive Inca ruins. Intiwatana. Sun Temple. Incan cemetery. Traditional fair.

Ollantaytambo (86 photos)
Beautiful archeological complex with the famous Pre-Inca pink granite monoliths.

Urubamba Valley (59 photos)
The Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Salt mines of Maras (20 photos)
Salt basins above the Urubamba Valley.

Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail

Inca Trail - Day 1 (33 photos)
From km 82 to Huayllabamba Camp.

Inca Trail - Day 2 (31 photos)
From Huayllabamba Camp to Pacamayo camp. Dead Woman pass.

Inca Trail - Day 3 (79 photos)
From Pacamayo camp to Trekkers' Hotel.

Aguas Calientes (27 photos)
The small town below the Machu Picchu ruins.

Machu Picchu (155 photos)
The lost city of the Inca. The temple of three windows. The TorreĆ³n. The temple of the Sun. The Temple of the Condor. The Sacred Rock. Huayna Picchu and the Temple of the moon.

Manu Biosphere Reserve

Cloud Forest (35 photos)
Tropical cloud forest between the Andes and the Amazon basin.

Rain Forest (74 photos)
Lush tropical vegetation in a vast network of rivers of the Amazon plain.


Santa Catalina Convent (174 photos)
Brightly painted cloisters and small plazas.

Historic Centre (123 photos)
Colonial architecture of white volcanic sillar stone. Plaza de Armas. Cathedral. Jesuit Church of La CompaƱƭa. Claustro de la CompaƱƭa. Church of San Francisco. La Recoleta.

La CampiƱa (41 photos)
The mill of Sabandia. The FounderĀ“s Mansion. Colonial Church. Picturesque landscapes with El Misti volcano.

Colca CaƱyon

Cabanaconde (16 photos)
Dirt streets filled with donkeys, women wearing the embroidered typical dress. Church of San Pedro AlcƔntara

Trek in Colca CaƱyon (89 photos)
3-day difficult hike along the deepest canyon in the world.

Colca CaƱyon (31 photos)
Cruz del Condor. Terraced riverbanks.

Chivay (6 photos)
BaƱos termales de la Calera (thermal springs). Colonial church.

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